Ethereum Solo
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ETH Solo mining pool
Whitepool is cool!
- Why?
The answer is «Knowledge & skill».
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The best protocol
Whitepool uses Nicehash stratum mining protocol:
*It operates with only essential information, generating low traffic.
*It is the safest and the most reliable one among Ethereum mining protocols.
*It minimizes stale shares and uncles - mining tasks go to miner as advertisements (fast) instead of request's answers.
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Next to Nicehash
Whitepool servers are as close to Nicehash servers, as possible, maximizing effective hashrate.
Generating the least number of uncle blocks, we can well afford the insurance against it.
Current ping is updating right now...
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The biggest reward
Being highly optimized, Whitepool takes a minor fee (1 %) and grants an opportunity to get a prize winning The Game.
Mining knowledge
Knowledge is power
Skilled software engineers made Whitepool from the scratch.
It is still very new, but there is no single bit in code, that is not under control.
None was taken from GitHub, you are faced with entirely independent design and support.
Whitepool is cool in fact and is proud of it.
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